welcome to dotcities

who is this guy

Hi, I'm dotmaster. Welcome to my little corner on neocities.

I animate lego people and make a fool of myself on the internet.

For those of you who are new here, this is kind of a spot for me to write stuff that I feel like addressing. Some of it may apply to me on a personal level, and some of it may not. Additionally, you can see some of the stuff that I'm working on from here.


wait this isn't my house

To the 4 people who care; good eye! You might notice a lot of stuff's changed. To keep it simple, I've rewritten the website over the course of an afternoon a week a while, and a lot of this stuff's gonna beweird, but it's all gonna be so much more maintainable for me. This might encourage me to do a little bit more with this before forgetting about it entirely.

where do i start

The navbar up top has three main sections for you to explore.